Best experience I have received with acupuncture. Jiliang is very experienced and knew exactly what he was talking about. He thoroughly explained everything as well as each step of acupuncture. He has great energy and the treatment is very effective in whatever your need is. I recommend his service to all my friends and relatives.

Michael Martinez

I have been using Dr. Xiao’s services for about 2 yrs. First for acupuncture and now massage. I’m an active senior and getting regular massage has made a big difference in my quality of life. The location is very convenient with good parking. Dr. Xiao is a very qualified and caring healer always asking how I feel and gives intelligent helpful hints on taking care of myself while staying active. He even called my home once to check up on me to see how I was feeling. I would highly recommend Dr. Xiao’s services to anyone looking for alternative medicine.

Mitchell Friedman
loyal client

I love Jiliang Xiao Acupuncture. The clinic is peaceful and beautiful, and Jiliang is very experienced, highly trained, and caring. I have had nothing but amazing experiences for each of my acupuncture appointments. I would hands down recommend this place to everyone!

Sammy Cox
happy client

Jiliang Xiao Acupuncture is a wonderful place that holds importance in detail. I had the most amazing treatment there and would recommend this place wholeheartedly. A really impressive experience.

Jim Simson
web designer

I have never tried acupuncture before but after a month of treatments for back pain, I’m experiencing tremendous relief. Jiliang is caring, careful, and gentle. I recommend his expertise and skills very highly.

Jamin Butler
happy client


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